Wiley - "Godfather" Review

After a decade and a half of being the ‘Godfather' of Grime, Wiley has taken the name upon itself and used it as the title of his 17-track album.

The album cover features a young Eski-boy deep in a home studio doing what he does best. Gaining respect in the industry from an early age, Grime has always been influenced by the 38-year old and his loyalty to the genre and it’s movement. At this time of Wiley’s career you may not think there’s too much to prove. And there isn’t. In fact, his presence is an indication of his passion for making Grime music and bringing back the real OG vibe we love. Wiley addresses the industry as it is "Now it's a new day, everybody's got new ways” (Like It Or Not) but despite this, keeps to his monotonous flow and rhythmic production and makes Grime similar to the early 2000’s, proving his worth and his practicality.

Tracks like Back With A Banger and Laptop showcase Wiley’s vision to make music fun with no ulterior motive, other than to spit over a liquidy beat that deserves radio plays for it’s sheer originality with the occasional shoutout to his achievements or his ends. But this is what Grime’s about and there is a huge sense of authenticity that breathes within the project. Flows are sharp and repetitive, whilst lyrics praise the work of the Godfather and his crew as he states “nobody ever gonna do what we done again”, identifying his powerful legacy that we can look back on. Other tracks like Name Brand and U Were Always, Pt 2 features his Boy Better Know affiliates, who help shape a blooming combination of an album that is dedicated to a throwback vibe. The most stand-out tracks lyrically for us were Birds N Bars that acts as an internal monologue ("Wiley Wiley, yeah that’s one of the achievers") to introduce the project whilst Lucid possesses a catchy beat that covers everything from Grime, Wiley’s work ethic and his progress over the years, which ends in a result of partying and booze.

Wiley has had a successful career, but the success now seems to be more real than ever. His distinctive patter is consistent throughout and it hypnotises his growing audiences into a trance like state. You're guaranteed those ones that you can play in the car late at night, or the ones that go off in the club or that are good just for office sounds. As Godfather hits number 2 in iTunes, it’s unclear what else we can expect from the man himself, but what is clear, is that he is sure to stick around whether it’s behind the mic or not.

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