"Vista Tower" by Studio Gang Architects

Defining a new edge of Chicago, the Vista Tower tightly knits the Lakeshore East community to its environment with urban connections and enhanced access to the Chicago River.


At ground level, the building creates an essential pedestrian connection between the Riverwalk and the community park’s outdoor recreational facilities. Retail, restaurant, and hotel amenities combine at the upper levels, creating a vibrant public social center.

Looking up from the river and park, the tower presents itself as three interconnected volumes of differing heights. Moving rhythmically in and out of plane, the overall flowing appearance of the building is the result of an alternating geometry between these three volumes. The building’s dimensions have the added benefit of accentuating corner views and allocating green space at various heights.


Building is scheduled to take four years, creating more than 2,000 temporary construction jobs and 500 permanent jobs. Although the tower will be the third-tallest building once complete, it will have the second-highest rooftop in Chicago.

Prices for condos in the Vista Tower are as high as £1,200 per square foot, with total costs of individual units reaching well into the millions. The site will include more than 400 luxury-style condominiums and 200 hotel rooms, and will likely become one of the priciest places to live in Chicago.


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