• Extraterrestrial Life on TRAPPIST-1 Planets Confirmed?

    Back in February, you may remember our post about NASA's newly discovered TRAPPIST-1 solar system about 40 light years away from Earth.


    Today marks one of significance for space exploration and planetary understanding. This year, Professor Stephen Hawking suggested that humans will need to vacate Earth within the next 100 years in order to survive as a species, as he claimed our planet may soon face a natural doomsday.

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  • Blood Brother x Selfridges: MUSIC MATTERS

    "Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul."

    - Plato


    We've all experienced the euphoria of a crowd moving in time to music - a moment of transcendence, a natural state of heightened emotion and a conscious oneness with everyone around you.

    This summer 2017, Blood Brother and Selfridges explore the potency of music, the tribes it can create and the expression of creativity and experimentation pioneered through musicians' past, present and future.

    Together we created a capsule collection consisting of ready-to-wear pieces and accessories inspired by Blood Brother's musical inspiration and history.









    Blood Brother and Selfridges present the intrinsic link between music and fashion as a single entity, in the form of a collaborative collection that draws on past influences and celebrates the musical zeitgeist.

    Sure music is an art form, but the creation, distribution, act of listening and then reaction to music, is also - on a mass scale - an art form in itself. Music is the easiest catalyst of general mood change and thought design, it creates cultures, fights oppression and helps battle mental health. Our favourite musicians often act as the shapers of our identity and the lifeblood of teenagers and adults alike. We look to them for a sense of who we are and what tribe we belong to.


    Take a look at some of the images from the collaborative collection below, and pick up exclusively from Selfridges today.

    Lookbook shot by Crowns and Owls. 










    The makers of music can represent to us so much more than just a lyricist or master of an instrument, they can be the shapers of our identity and the lifeblood of teenagers and adults alike. We look to them for a sense of who we are and what tribe we can belong to, the listener and the artist then become each other's inspiration and it creates a beautiful creative cycle.


    Shop the collection in-store or online here.
  • The 3 Most Mind-Bending Planets You've Never Heard Of

    Blood Brother is no stranger when it comes to extracting inspiration from science, space-time, and mankind's everlasting yearn for answers to life and what lays beyond our solar system.

    We decided to compile a short list of some of the weirdest planets we know of, and their atmospheric behaviour.


    It's raining rocks!

    COROT-7b is a rocky exoplanet which orbits VERY close to its host star. It's 489 light years away from Earth, and actually has the shortest orbital period on record of any planet with 20 hours. Temperatures on the side of daylight run up to 2600ºc, which is more than enough to not only make the rocks melt, but then also evaporate them into the air where they become actual clouds of rock. At the same time, the nighttime side of the planet cools down to about 1800ºc, and this is where it gets mental.

    Once daylight passes and the clouds of rock are now on the cool side of the planet, they start raining magma. The magma-rain cools down during the falling process and before it hits the ground becomes rock. Yes rock. Rock-rain is a thing. The rock-rain hits the ground where it rests until it gets melted again the next day and this cycle repeats itself indefinitely.


    HD 189773-b
    The most aggressive atmosphere ever

    This illustration shows HD 189733b, a huge gas giant that orbits very close to its host star HD 189733. The planet's atmosphere is scorching with a temperature of over 1000 degrees Celsius, and it rains glass, sideways, in howling 7000 kilometre-per-hour winds. At a distance of 63 light-years from us, this turbulent alien world is one of the nearest exoplanets to Earth that can be seen crossing the face of its star. By observing this planet before, during, and after it disappeared behind its host star during orbit, astronomers were able to deduce that HD 189733b is a deep, azure blue — reminiscent of Earth's colour as seen from space.

    HD 189773-b is a beautiful exoplanet slightly larger than Jupiter located 63 light years from us. The blue and white ripply appearance of the planet is due to the fact that it's mostly made up of silicate particles. Imagine rain made of sand or glass... And it rains at 930ºc.  Oh did I mention the winds there reach up to 5,400mph? That's 7 times faster than the speed of sound.

    Essentially stepping foot on this planet would be instant death by millions of tiny pieces of 930º glass blowing through your body simultaneously, at the speed of a mile a second.

    Just for some context, if the same storm occurred here on Earth at the same wind speed, the storm would travel round the whole world in 5 hours, completely wiping out everything in its path along the way.

    HD 131399Ab
    What's better than one sun? Three


    This new finding discovered in July 2016 broke a bunch of records. HD 131399Ab revolves around 3 suns at once, is 4 times larger than Jupiter and hangs out 340 light years from Earth. It also boasts an unusually long orbit time, one year revolution of the exoplanet around its 3 suns takes 550 of our Earth years. On top of that, as the planet spins quite slowly, the 3 suns only descend from the sky in about half of this time, meaning a sunset would only typically occur once every 225 years.

    As this is still a new finding, information of the planet's characteristics are somewhat scarce. Although we estimate the planet to be about 16 million years old, and the temperature to be around 577ºc, making it one of the coldest exoplanets on record.

    The coolest part about this planet requires imagination. Every 100-140 years, all 3 suns are visible on a single day creating possibly one of the most beautiful skylines in the known universe. And you'd have 3 shadows!


    I just wish we had 3 moons. Imagine.



    Words by Max Furr.

  • A Chat with Model Brothers Sayan and Bayan

    This week, Blood Brother had a chat with Mongolian/French model brothers Sayan and Bayan. We talked about their rise to success through modelling, their favourite brands, and what it was like growing up in a foreign city.


    As brothers, what are your biggest achievment?

    We were born in Mongolia, so our childhood was a transition between two cultures. We grew up and became occidental kids, we love the same things like music, fashion, art, girls... We grew with the same culture as occidental kids do now, but our mentality is still different due to the education we had and knowing where we're from. It always pushes us to go further, do more, be better and to prove to our parents that they didn't watch us do this for nothing. So being here and doing what we love and being recognised for it is the biggest achievement for us. We hope we're going big on big.


    What does Paris offer that no other city does?
    Paris is an art impregnated city. It inspires every artist in the world. Paris is like a creative cauldron, always cooking up something new.  
    What was your favourite outfit from the shoot?  

    [Bayan]: I love this one. 
    [Sayan]: And me this one.




    What part of Paris is your favourite area and why?
    It's not very original but I like hanging out in Châtelet with my squad. It's a very young and active area in Paris. There are many shops, especially vintage stores. I like the 13th arrondissement too, it's the main Chinatown where I can eat Pho haha.  


    What are your favourite brands? 
    Hmm it's very hard... I really love VLONE because of his [A$AP Bari's] brand design. The logo and all the visuals are crazy, the universe and the mood he brings is so unique. When I discovered Gosha I had an impression of déjà-vu. I grew up in Mongolia with a big post-soviet influence so Gosha's aesthetic takes me back to my younger years where I remember the Russian/Soviet mood. His designs remind me of my childhood with all the Russian movies, music, architecture etc. It was awesome... Gosha is definitely a genius.


    Follow Sayan and Bayan on Instagram.




  • LFWM Party Recap

    The 10th of June marked Blood Brother's bi-annual Fashion Week party. The event took place at the newly built Curtain Hotel in Shoreditch, and we've only just recovered from it.

    The night consisted of music from DJs Flohio, Medium Rare, Flora Yin-Wong and Aymen, as well as a more than memorable live performance from Northampton born energy radiator and underground MC slowthai. slowthai's ability to grip a crowd no matter the size is mesmerising, and the infectious mood that pours out of him generated a night to remember.

    The BB Corp inspired decor and staff-wear provided a truly immersive experience that ran parallel to the SS18 presentation. An inhumane amount of Hennessy was consumed and we ran 30 minutes past curfew. It was a big one.


    Check out some images below.









  • O+ Review: Lil Yachty - Teenage Emotions

    How do you define the word rapper? In fact, how do you define hip-hop? Now take that definition, and try and put Yachty in that box… This is where the divide in opinion becomes more apparent. Those who force him into a genre he’s never claimed to be a part of are going to struggle to listen to him. This is because they’ve already prepared an idea of what he’s supposed to or going to sound like. Once you realise it’s nothing like you expected, and it doesn’t tick the “hip-hop” boxes, you’re left feeling unsatisfied.

    However, those who opt to listen to his music with an open mind, and expect nothing more than a happy 19 year old doing what he loves in his own way, then you’ll probably be more inclined to keep listening. Teenage Emotions is a grower, the more you listen to it, the better you understand his different personalities.




    On this project, Yachty effortlessly floats throughout a handful of genres, boasting his eclectic nature. The project is generally all about fun and positivity, but when it does get dark you're never left feeling insulted or affected. He’s the overly ignorant, more staple rapper on tracks like FYI and hit Peekaboo with Migos, but then he creates the soundtrack to your favourite 80’s highschool sitcom on Bring It Back.

    Once you realise that these songs are written and recorded as different characters it becomes a much richer project, and enables you to listen to each track subjectively. The fact that Peekaboo and Bring It Back are even on the same album together proves Yachty's vocal and lyrical diversity, but the calmer tracks such as Like a Star and Lady in Yellow seem to outweigh the heavier ones. If you prefer the happier colourful side of Yachty then tracks like Say My Name and X-Men might be a bit of a chore to get through.



    It doesn’t take a trained ear to seek out the more polished and label-profitable tracks like Better with Stefflon Don where Yachty just feels out of his comfort zone, and Forever Young with Diplo where you can hear and feel the budget bursting at the seams. We lose that unique, clean rawness that put him where he is today and it begins to feel more like a product designed to sell.


    To break it down, the album feels a little all over the place in terms of themes, but it’s not bad music. There are just so many personalities to Yachty's character you find yourself taking breaks then coming back. But I guess I have to think, did I know what I wanted to do when I was 19? Was I burdened with pressure from 4 million fans and a heavily invested label to create something amazing? Maybe Teenage Emotions is a reflection of being young, highly emotional and not knowing what you want to do in life. Maybe the album wasn’t supposed to be a strategic masterpiece with a story by Quentin Tarantino, but series of raw, unarranged emotions captured through an original style of music by a happy teenager. Maybe we should just give him a break and join the sailing team...

    Stream the album on Apple Music and Spotify now.

  • The Evolution of Planet Earth II

    In 2006, the Planet Earth Franchise released a series on our breath-taking natural world. It became popular worldwide, gaining approval from every corner of the globe. With the BBC investing more than ever before in a nature documentary, who else other than David Attenborough to fill the spot and take us on this adventure. This 11-part series released on DVD and was filmed in high-definition, giving us an exclusive insight into our lands.


    Fast-forward to 2016 and a decade later, it's time for Planet Earth II. At the beginning of the first episode we join Sir Attenborough himself in a hot-air balloon amongst a snowy and mountainous landscape. We are promised that "much has changed" in the natural world, signalling that this time around Planet Earth II is going to be extraordinary for viewers. And it was.

    With each episode focusing on a separate entity, we were guided through the different, intense environments; Islands, Mountains, Jungles, Deserts, Grasslands and Cities.

    So what made Planet Earth II so intriguing and eventful this time round?

    Firstly, it was nature itself and the sheer intensity of each environment and the chaotic uproar it possessed, yet somewhat humorous antics that shaped the beauty of it all. From young Marine-Iguanas literally running for their lives from Racer Snakes (which became viral) to Flamingos dancing in shallow waters, or glow-in-the-dark creatures deep in the Jungle, each episode became more impressive and each encounter became more mind-blowing.


    Since 2006, there has been an increasing drive amongst young people to dig deeper, find yourself and encourage change. So, every Sunday as you tend to wind down for the week, there’s not a better way to escape it than getting drawn into a world that seems a lifetime away, yet is so near and can offer so much. As the planet changes rapidly within society and the natural world, Planet Earth II highlights the relationship between them and identifies what really matters that all of us could learn from. These are the relationships we form, the places we call home and an appreciation for our own existence and just how distinctive it really is. In a place where we as a society feel the pressure and worry about every little thing, Planet Earth II is a friendly reminder to stay away from toxic things and start living in the real world.

    At the end of each episode we were introduced to some of the brand-new, groundbreaking equipment and techniques that captured these shots, as half the time I’m sure most of us were thinking, ‘how the f*** did you film that?’ - From this point on we gained some understanding to the depths in which the team went to, and some things were left unexplained... however it’s probably better that way. Hats off to the BBC.

    Lastly, the numbers amongst our younger generation (16 to 35) conveyed the proof that we were all curious to learn more about our planet, as more of us tuned in to watch Planet Earth II than X-Factor. As we look to ponder from the uncertainty of our global predicaments and social changes, this valuable series offers us peace and comfort that some of us needed more than ever.

    Don’t forget to check out Benji B’s Planet Earth Playlist to round up the series.

  • Scotland In Pink - Our Top 5 International Kits of All Time

    With Scotland playing in PINK last Friday, it got us thinking. Who else has made an impression in the fashion stakes with a striking jersey.

    Here are our Top 5 of all time.

    ENGLAND 1990 - 3rd Kit

    Image result for england 1990 third shirt

    This pale blue beauty had two outings, one in a European Championship qualifier against Turkey on the 1st of May 1991, this the first time a third kit had been used since 1970, and by Bernard Sumner in the 'World In Motion' music video, England's world cup song by New Order.


    Image result for netherlands 1988 shirt

    Who can forget this kit, and who can forget THAT goal by Marco Van Basten. This is the only Dutch kit to have ever won at a major championships. They lifted the 1988 European Championship looking fresh.

    FRANCE 1984

    Image result for FRANCE 1984 KIT

    An undisputed classic. The three colours of the national flag emblazoned on the chest with a proud Gallic rooster. This was Platini in his pomp. Another great kit lifting the European Championship trophy.

    USA 1994

    Image result for USA 1994 KIT

    A typically patriotic effort from the Americans when they hosted the World Cup in 1994. Alexei Lalas' flowing locks and mighty beard really made the kit though, without him it would have been forgotten.


    Image result for west germany 1990 kit

    It pain me to say, but the last West Germany strip before their unification, is a real beaut. Worn by Klinsmann, Voller, and Matthaus in their 1990 World Cup triumph, it will go down as one of the best ever.

  • Jelle Marten and his Minimalist Vinyl Sleeves

    Say what you want about vinyl, it's always going to be timeless and hold a special places in the hearts of those old enough to remember growing up with it.


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  • "Rabbit Snare Gorge: A Cabin in Nova Scotia

    Omar Gandhi Architect Inc., who worked in collaboration with Design Base 8, designed Rabbit Snare Gorge, a cabin in Nova Scotia, a small, almost freestanding island on the east coast of Canada.


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