THIS IS 'AWFUL' - The Atlanta Record Label You Need To Know

Self taught and self influenced, this Atlanta crew of millennial misfits are currently making some quite major fans in the Hip Hop scene right now. Drake has been quoting lyrics on his Instagram from founder/performer Father, and their collaboration with ILoveMakkonen has had over 7 million views on YouTube.


Left to Right : Tommy Genesis, Father, Abra, KeithCharles Spacebar, Lord Narf

So what is it about them?

It seems they have a bond that ties them together, that makes them stronger together as a unit, as oppose to individual entities. Tommy Genesis describes it, "We forget that we make music when we hang out, because we're like, 'who's barbecuing, who wants to watch this movie, who wants to cuddle, who wants to chill?" She continues, "I think the reason that it works is because we're not music first -- we're friends and family first." (Quote taken from an interview with Paper Magazine).

It's a supremely loyal setup, and despite gaining critical acclaim, they have snubbed all overtures from major labels.  “We want freedom,” Father says. “Full 360-degree creative control. It doesn’t work when we get other people involved. We want to be radical.” (Quote taken from an interview with The Guardian).

We went down to check them out last week at the Church of St John-at-Hackney, for the Red Bull Music Academy UK tour, and were not disappointed. Performances from KeithCharles Spacebar, Tommy Genesis, Abra, and Father, made for a pretty special gig.

In fact, we're hooked. For us, they are the future, an independent, financially sufficient group, making music free of genre boundaries.

Check out our 'THIS IS AWFUL' playlist on Spotify ; 'Bloodbrotherflagship'

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