The Best Coffee in London

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Coffee is like a religion, there are millions of us that give thanks to the black (or white) beauty every morning, and then proceed to give thanks periodically throughout the day when we're feeling tired or lethargic.

Because we believe you deserve only the best coffee, this week we decided to have a wander around East London, tasting all the coffees in all the cafes we found so we can share our favourite with you.

Origin Coffee


Based in the depths of Cornwall, Origin coffee roasters have been insanely enthusiastic about sourcing, roasting, brewing and selling their coffee to stores, hotels and cafes in and around Cornwall since 2004. As they progressed as a company, so did their clientele, and they started selling to buyers further and further outside the costal county.

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I sat down with head of training, Alex, who talked me through all the different factors and processes that ultimately provide brewed coffee with different tastes and textures. These conditions range from altitude at which the coffee was grown, amount of rainfall the coffee plant received during growth, whether it was dried in the sun or shade, and whether it was roasted with hot air or gas assistance, and that's just to name a few.


Origin purchase "micro-lots" of coffee from different sources, countries and conditions from all over the planet to home-roast, ranging from Honduras to Ethiopia. In some cases, Origin customers can actually pre-order the more limited coffee runs and they often actually sell out, sometimes the same day.


Throughout their growth and progression of their business, it was only a matter of time until they started to develop a London audience, and soon they were distributing coffee to Soho House and other high profile cafes, hotels and restaurants in and around London.

This gave Origin the platform and opportunity to open their flagship London coffee shop in Shoreditch earlier this year, and in just 6 months, they successfully developed what I can only describe as a cult following of coffee enthusiasts from all over the capital.


All in all, the Origin Shoreditch Café provides a great space to socialise or work in a beautifully designed environment for a more than reasonable price, with well educated and trained staff.



We recommend the San Antonio pour-over with the salt beef sandwich, trust us.

You can check out the Origin web-shop here, or head to their flagship coffee shop at 65 Charlotte Road in Shoreditch.

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