Soho Works London


Soho / Shoreditch House has always been the number one spot to catch up on some emails with a cucumber water and a face full of mac & cheese, but now you can work on a whole lot more than that.

Soho Works is the latest project to come out of The Soho House group, it's a work place for office potatoes and creative kale-eaters to work alongside each other in unison. Occupying a 16,000-square-foot space in East London’s Tea Building, Soho Works was designed and created to encourage vocation by providing a space to work without feeling like actual work.



Open 24/7, the customised work area requires the purchase of a membership that is well worth the dynamic selection of amenities. From hot-desking or permanent desk spots for yourself or your team of up to 10, the area is designed for a plethora of various needs.

But it doesn't just stop at office and desk space, included in the list of amenities and facilities are meeting rooms, a library, a lounge with a cafe, a communal kitchen, 3D printers, vintage phone booths, a photo/video studio with post-production provisions, a tool-stocked workshop and even a courier service.





If you'd like any more information about Soho Works, you can find it here, on their website.

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