• Blood Brother x Liberty


    Love is always shared; in this exclusive capsule - the intimacies of desire have been idealised into images depicting lust, love and everything in between. From sunsets, precious flowers, Lamborghinis and raging bulls, the graphics aim to express a hard wired flaw that we all struggle to overcome - falling in love. Given a nostalgic twist through the vintage imagery, this definitely feels like something we have greatly enjoyed looking upon with amorous eyes.

    Blood Brother and LIBERTY elope to create a capsule collection from the heart. Glossy graphics in colours of confidence paired with words of love, passion and irony create a heartbreak look that Shawn Michaels would be proud of.

    In 1875, Arthur Lasenby Liberty borrowed £2,000 from his future Father in Law and took over half of 218a Regent Street with three dedicated staff. 142 years later, it stands as one of the most prestigious stores on the planet.





    Shop the full collection online or in-store now at Liberty.

    See the full lookbook here.

  • FW17 - The Thames

    For their latest FW collection, Blood Brother take The River Thames as their inspiration. While vast in both its size and relevance, its potential for inspiration is overwhelming.

    BB spent their time searching deeper into the Thames asking why its reflection of London's heritage is so prominent and city-defining.


    While the River Thames is the pivotal reference point for the FW17 collection, Blood Brother have also linked to iconic London buildings that share the river's bank and the subcultures who were dependent on the river for their survival, such as mud larkers and ferrymen that made their living from its waters.

    Since prehistoric times, infinite motives have drawn Londoners to the notorious banks of the River Thames, it has always represented a site where people can discover and source something they need - it is London's aorta and the reason why the city exists.

    This season, BB continues its renown use of prints, referencing the mapping and cartography of the river itself. This showcase is boasted throughout the collection and brought to life using detailed embroidery over various materials such as silks, sweats and tailoring pieces executed in the brand's key seasonal shapes and silhouettes.



    Blood Brother sticks to its deep rooted tailoring within the collection. Jumbo cord features within the more casual pieces alongside waxed cotton, combined with strapping and pocket details to give a distinctly water-proof utilitarian look. BB's oversized signature coats and bombers give the collection its notorious, classic appearance.

    This season also sees the relaunch of Blood Brother's accessories collection. A five piece capsule consisting of hats, scarves, bags, wallets and footwear. These pieces reflect the functionality of the ensemble of London citizens who engaged with the River Thames on a daily basis through history.

  • "Time For Reflection" - Blood Brother x Guinness SS17 Capsule Collection

    From London to Dublin, we've teamed up with the sublime and internationally adored brewery Guinness, for a unique capsule range.

    After being approached by Guinness themselves, we looked deeper into the well-respected global giants and found that their brand ethos and direction was something that we didn't only share, but were also led by. Blood Brother's conducts paired with Guinness' like quality and consistency are identical and this ensured us that we could create something special. Their long term commitments to creating a powerful legion were an inspiration to us from the get go and so we didn't hesitate to invest are certitude into the project. With togetherness and quality at the forefront of the campaign, there are 8 pieces that showcase a "nostalgic look at time and reflection".

    We feel that teaming up with Guinness allowed us to open up to collaborations outside of fashion brands and finding common ground was easier than we first thought. The collection sees quality garments that feature blurry graphic t-shirts, outerwear embellished with gold detailing and distinguished fabrication (velvet and studded leather) that is bold, elegant and ever-evolving, which is something we both serve.

    The collection will be sold exclusively at Harrods in pop-up style or online through Farfetch, our site and more of our favourite online retailers. Be sure to stop off at the Guinness Factory the next time you're in Dublin.


  • AW/17 - Behind The Scenes

    London, 9th January 2017. Video shot by Sara Akhtar - @aka.sara

    Last month we proudly presented our AW/17 collection 'Thames' at London Fashion Week Men's. Check out the video above of what went down BTS.

    Inspired by our very own River Thames, AW/17 showcases the city of London and the continuity of motion we live by in this urban landscape. Our very own teddy bear Mr Cuddles even made a feature, as he is the subject of a washed up and culminating environment.

  • Jelle Marten and his Minimalist Vinyl Sleeves

    Say what you want about vinyl, it's always going to be timeless and hold a special places in the hearts of those old enough to remember growing up with it.


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  • Product Focus - Shen Hi Patch

    The new Shen Hi Patch is now in stock.


    Designed in London and created in Portugal, the Shen series has been a point of staple for Blood Brother and any quality footwear enthusiast.

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  • O+ Tech - Audiowood "Barky"

    With a mission to create high quality products that are easy on the eyes and ears, as well as gentle on the planet, Audiowood's latest creation, 'Barky', is a precision turntable of solid ash with adjustable solid-brass feet. Complete with high quality Rega parts, Barky is a custom made limited production turntable, with just 10-15 made each year.


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