Portugese Fire Station Designed by Alvaro Siza

Since our clothes are impeccably designed and made in Portugal, we thought it only makes sense that we write about am impeccably designed Portugese Fire Station...



The building created by Portugese architect Alvaro Siza comprises a total gross area of 1,173sqm and lodges the support functions to the fire brigade. Starting from the “Lobby – Access”, it's organised in 3 floors.

It develops exclusively at the ground floor level in the continuity of Sector A, with its own access from the corner of the B and C streets, houses the tasks of the associative sector and comprises a total gross area of 145sqm.



The ground floor consists of:

  • Lobby – common to the sector A
  • Reception and board secretariat
  • Board room
  • Full accessibility sanitary



Between sectors A and B there is a circulation space, open onto a courtyard, communicating with all building functions. In the terrain remaining space, between the building and the EN104 road, lies the Operational Parade, of 914sqm, with access from the C street and directly from the car park.




Even the living quarters are designed to be spacious, yet sqm efficient.




The Honour Parade is located next to the building main façade from the C Street. Regarding the landscaping project and exterior arrangements, the proposal envisages the establishment of paved green areas that will serve asa framework and support space. The paved areas, excluding the car accesses and the terrace area outside the Bar, are coated with stone trimmed asphalt concrete. The green areas will be targeted for the existing vegetation reinforcement in the slope areas, proceeding to the replacement work of degraded species. Occasionally some trees will be brought, fed by an automatic irrigation system and flagged by boilers in the paved areas.



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