O+ Q&A - Jakob Hetzer

A couple of weeks ago Blood Brother sat down with designer, model, stylist and all-round influencer Jakob Hetzer, whilst he was in town from Germany for our LCM Party at the Ace Hotel.


Jakob, tell us about yourself.

Jakob Hetzer, 19 years old.
I was born in Detroit but now live in Hamburg, Germany.
I'm a Designer and have my own brand.

How do you define streetwear, and where do you see the split between street and contemporary?

To me streetwear categorises clothes that are made to be worn on a daily basis. They are easy to wear, non experimental garments.
The split between streetwear and contemporary is made when something isn't made for the "mainstream market" and is somewhat conceptual or more intricate.

When did you start designing your own clothes and where did your inspiration come from?

I started about two years ago when I was just looking for a nice white hoodie but I could not find one that I really liked, so I just made my own. A lot of people liked it and wanted to buy one so I quickly set up an online shop and I guess my brand was born.

Your favourite city in the world and why?

Right now its either London or Tokyo. I think I like Tokyo more though because it is so diverse and creative.

What are you listening to most right now?

Right now I'm getting back into the music I used to listen to in my weird "I don't fuck with anyone around here and no one fucks with me so let me just be sad and look at art and clothes all day" phase haha. That time was awful but the music I listened to was tight. A lot of Tame Impala, Kid Cudi etc... But also stuff like John Maus or Richard Hawley.

How did the Rhude link-up happen?

Rhuigi (founder and owner of Rhude) simply emailed me saying that he loves my work.
We started talking and at some point he ask me if I was down to design for Rhude with him. I have been paying attention to Rhude for a while so naturally I was ready and it worked out.

What do you like about Blood Brother?

I like how the clothes are subtle and clean but are still made with good quality. I really like the red suede pieces.

How powerful is the link between music and fashion?

It's very important. The whole fashion culture is linked to the music culture and the other way around. Also a lot of designers draw inspiration from music.

What would your rap name be?

OG Hetzgod AKA Jak The Flipper AKA Vanilla Nice AKA J Dolla AKA Reese Pooper AKA M16 AKA Paypal Ready AKA Young Audi AKA Tornado AKA Lord Michael Goldberg Westminster The 3rd

What can we expect from Jakob Hetzer this year?

I'm currently working on my next collection which I'm really excited about. Also I'm getting into a lot of cool shit with my friend Reese Cooper. We are doing some styling jobs as well as directing different things and working on products together.
It's going to be a great year for JH as a brand but also for me personally.


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