O+ Q&A - Amanda Wachob

Amanda Wachob is a conceptual tattoo artist from Brooklyn, New York who specialises in brightly coloured, often abstract tattoos and pieces of art on leather, fruit and humans.


Tell us a bit about yourself, whats happening in Brooklyn?

Brooklyn is cold and snowy at the moment. I’m at home having a tea and listening to records. Editing some new photographs of tattooed lemons as well.

Who was the the last person you painted? Have you ever inked a Brit?

I’ve done the London convention a few times so, yes! Many. The last person I tattooed was a very sweet client of mine named Nicole, we finished up a large, swirled abstract piece on her forearm yesterday at my studio.

The artwork appears simple yet extremely complex, it has an immense sense of energy to us, how would you describe it?

Painterly, experimental, investigational. Hopefully a bit festive too.

Your work with Tattoos is most firmly your favourite medium, how did the love affair begin?

I fell in love with it when I began my apprenticeship and started to realize how fucking complicated it is. There are a lot of technical things to figure out initially, and I became obsessed with trying to make sense of it all and get good. Now that I’ve been tattooing awhile, I’m fixated on all of the possibilities of tattooing as a medium. I want to push the boundaries of it and bridge the gap between tattooing and the art world. There are so many ways in which it hasn’t been explored as an art form, I want to see what all of the tools are capable of doing OFF skin.

Any plans to come to London and exhibit?

I’d love to exhibit in London. Give me a reason to come back to you, London.

What does 2016 look like? any exhibitions? interesting clients?

2016 year of exciting artist collaborations. I’m working on a project with conceptual artist Mary Ellen Carroll, playing around with some concepts with ink artist Mahmoud Hamadani, working on tattoo flash with illustrator Alana Dee Haynes, tossing around ideas with painter Florian Meisenberg. I wanted to get some collaborations rolling with artists who are not connected to tattooing at all, and see what fresh ways we could look at it.

How do you think tattoos fair as a fashion statement?

Like punctuation at the end of a sentence!

If you could tattoo one person who would it be?

You! (Nick Biela) because I know you don't have any yet. Ha!


You can follow Amanda on Instagram, and check her website out which features more of her work here.

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