O+ Culture - "REPLICA" by Design Butler

This weekend played host to Design Butler's first physical art exhibition on Brick Lane in Shoreditch.


The self-funded project entitled REPLICA showcased Tej Adenuga's (Design Butler's) illustrations and casts. The show featured an abundance of plaster casted candle holders, 20 casted solid white cans, an adidas NMD shoe sticking out of what appeared to be a piece of concrete, and a series of illustrations of beautiful women.

The main feature of the room though wasn't on the walls or pedestals, it was on the floor... Up to your waist...

Upon entry, every one of your senses are pleasantly stimulated. As you approach the space, a member of staff opens the door and prevents a tsunami of balloons flooding the streets of Shoreditch with their feet. As you pass the door and enter the exhibition you feel at one with the staff as you too end up helping them keep the balloons inside the space, it's a nice ice breaker.

Once inside you look around at the abundance of white, the floor, the ceiling, the walls, everything is white. It almost begins to feel like the guests are the art piece, and the space acts a blank canvas with subtle catalysts causing your mind to create stories behind the women on the walls.



You begin wading through the balloons for what feels like a nostalgic and fun eternity with an ever-growing smile on your face. As you approach a small set of stairs you're hit with the smell of cedar wood thanks to the air humidifier keeping your nose entertained whilst you cautiously step up a handful steps. You try to keep your cool but can't shake the anxiety of being the first person in the space to pop a balloon.

On the raised floor you're approached and greeted by a member of staff who offers you a glass of wine, and the casted pieces present themselves to you boastfully as if they're consciously aware of their own beauty.

At the end of the room Tiffany Calver and Medium Rare are DJing back to back and are musically curating the vibe of the event. It seems all the artwork in the room is eclectic enough to work with any style of music or guest.


All in all, REPLICA was one of the most fun, beautiful and versatile exhibitions we've attended in recent months. The installation has now moved to adidas Originals' Future House space at BL-NK on Curtain Road as REPLICA II, and can be viewed there until Tuesday, March 22.

We strongly recommend you check it out.


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