NZCA LINES - Infinite Summer

Infinite Summer by NZCA LINES is probably the best album you've never heard of.


The album, which can only be described as a fusion of sci-fi futurism and personal intimacies sounds like it was created by instruments you never knew existed, by beautiful martians in a pink laboratory on Neptune 50 years from now.

Michael Lovett's voice acts as a lead instrument to the synths and often distorted drums and percussion which provide a comfortable bed for the lyrics to sit on top of.

Michael goes on to explain that:
"The album is based around the idea of a far-future Earth, where the sun has expanded to the size of a red giant and our extinction is imminent. Half of the world is covered by a city that clings to the past and embraces its destruction, while the other half is trying to rebuild, create and make something new. Yet, it’s good on both sides because it’s warm everywhere and people just party most of the time."

Check it out below, and purchase of iTunes here.

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