• Blood Brother x Liberty


    Love is always shared; in this exclusive capsule - the intimacies of desire have been idealised into images depicting lust, love and everything in between. From sunsets, precious flowers, Lamborghinis and raging bulls, the graphics aim to express a hard wired flaw that we all struggle to overcome - falling in love. Given a nostalgic twist through the vintage imagery, this definitely feels like something we have greatly enjoyed looking upon with amorous eyes.

    Blood Brother and LIBERTY elope to create a capsule collection from the heart. Glossy graphics in colours of confidence paired with words of love, passion and irony create a heartbreak look that Shawn Michaels would be proud of.

    In 1875, Arthur Lasenby Liberty borrowed £2,000 from his future Father in Law and took over half of 218a Regent Street with three dedicated staff. 142 years later, it stands as one of the most prestigious stores on the planet.





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  • Blood Brother x Selfridges: MUSIC MATTERS

    "Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul."

    - Plato


    We've all experienced the euphoria of a crowd moving in time to music - a moment of transcendence, a natural state of heightened emotion and a conscious oneness with everyone around you.

    This summer 2017, Blood Brother and Selfridges explore the potency of music, the tribes it can create and the expression of creativity and experimentation pioneered through musicians' past, present and future.

    Together we created a capsule collection consisting of ready-to-wear pieces and accessories inspired by Blood Brother's musical inspiration and history.









    Blood Brother and Selfridges present the intrinsic link between music and fashion as a single entity, in the form of a collaborative collection that draws on past influences and celebrates the musical zeitgeist.

    Sure music is an art form, but the creation, distribution, act of listening and then reaction to music, is also - on a mass scale - an art form in itself. Music is the easiest catalyst of general mood change and thought design, it creates cultures, fights oppression and helps battle mental health. Our favourite musicians often act as the shapers of our identity and the lifeblood of teenagers and adults alike. We look to them for a sense of who we are and what tribe we belong to.


    Take a look at some of the images from the collaborative collection below, and pick up exclusively from Selfridges today.

    Lookbook shot by Crowns and Owls. 










    The makers of music can represent to us so much more than just a lyricist or master of an instrument, they can be the shapers of our identity and the lifeblood of teenagers and adults alike. We look to them for a sense of who we are and what tribe we can belong to, the listener and the artist then become each other's inspiration and it creates a beautiful creative cycle.


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