FW17 - The Thames

For their latest FW collection, Blood Brother take The River Thames as their inspiration. While vast in both its size and relevance, its potential for inspiration is overwhelming.

BB spent their time searching deeper into the Thames asking why its reflection of London's heritage is so prominent and city-defining.


While the River Thames is the pivotal reference point for the FW17 collection, Blood Brother have also linked to iconic London buildings that share the river's bank and the subcultures who were dependent on the river for their survival, such as mud larkers and ferrymen that made their living from its waters.

Since prehistoric times, infinite motives have drawn Londoners to the notorious banks of the River Thames, it has always represented a site where people can discover and source something they need - it is London's aorta and the reason why the city exists.

This season, BB continues its renown use of prints, referencing the mapping and cartography of the river itself. This showcase is boasted throughout the collection and brought to life using detailed embroidery over various materials such as silks, sweats and tailoring pieces executed in the brand's key seasonal shapes and silhouettes.



Blood Brother sticks to its deep rooted tailoring within the collection. Jumbo cord features within the more casual pieces alongside waxed cotton, combined with strapping and pocket details to give a distinctly water-proof utilitarian look. BB's oversized signature coats and bombers give the collection its notorious, classic appearance.

This season also sees the relaunch of Blood Brother's accessories collection. A five piece capsule consisting of hats, scarves, bags, wallets and footwear. These pieces reflect the functionality of the ensemble of London citizens who engaged with the River Thames on a daily basis through history.

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