Daniel Arsham - "The Future Was Then"

Multi-disciplinary art-star Daniel Arsham is known for looking forwards. The Snarkitecture co-founder has a questioning, futuristic tone, that recurs in whatever medium he's picked that day – be it film, sculpture, paint or performance art.

Best known for his future relic concept, casting every day technology and practical objects and distressing them to generate a post-apocalyptic feeling of futuristic nostalgia, Arsham creates a future past and turns our present into ancient history.




Daniel Arsham's latest exhibition takes place in the SCAD Museum of Art in Savannah, Georgia, USA and is entitled "The Future Was Then".

He surveys the interaction between man and architecture — particularly humans' capacity for creating, destroying and repurposing the manmade and natural world — by digging through a series of faux-concrete walls. Beginning with a crudely cut, abstract aperture, the repeated sequence of carvings finally becomes the silhouette of a human figure.


The more you explore, it becomes apparent that each breakthrough has a different feature on the wall.




Arsham's exhibition at the SCAD Museum of Art will be installed until July 24, 2016.

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