Blood Brother go to Huckle Barbers

This week, Max followed Alex to get his beard washed and trimmed at Huckle Barbers on Charlotte Road.


We had our coats taken and placed in a cloakroom on entry, before being offered a beer, water, hot or soft drink, it was like staying at The Ritz. I took a water and Alex was too cool for a beverage, so he made his way to the barber chair which is where we met Ryan.

After a brief analysation from Ryan regarding Alex's beard, he placed a hot towel on Alex's head, to open up his pores and soften his facial hair.

BloodBrother_h1 BloodBrother_h2
Ryan began combing Alex's beard while I sheepishly took photos trying to avoid disturbing the other customers. However after realising that there is only so many photos you can take of someone having their beard trimmed, I decided to have a little wonder around.


When I came back over, Ryan was just finishing up and Alex's beard was looking considerably less "cavemanny". Ryan finished the session with some beard oil, and an explanation as to where he has trimmed, at what length and why. He explained that he had cut it in a way that accentuates his jawline and chin, giving him a thinner face and a more masculine facial stature.


Overall it was really impressive to see the level of detail that Ryan went into, and it definitely made all the difference.

Ask for Ryan, he's a G!


Head in yourself for a hair (or facial hair) cut at 340 Old Street. It's on the corner of Old Street and Charlotte Road.

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