3 Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Recipes

Whether you're trying to cut down on drinking as an ongoing new year's resolution or if you're just trying it out for a month to detox before festival and holiday season, there's no need to sacrifice the drinks you love.



Non-alcoholic cocktails are the perfect way to enjoy a drink with friends without you having to be the odd one out, a non-alcoholic cocktail can have all of the taste and look of the real deal without the alcohol. Take a look at our favourite alternatives below...



Millionaire Sour

A good alternative to a whisky sour or old fashioned, this cocktail substitutes whisky for ginger ale to give you that kick of flavour. This is one sour beverage recipe that you will love all through the warmer months.

To check out the recipe and method, click here.




The classic Spanish red wine cocktail can be given a non-alcoholic twist using a combination of black tea and pomegranate juice.

There are thousands of recipes for sangria, each using a different combination of wine and fruit, don't worry too much about whether or not this one is "authentic."

To find out how to make this non-alcoholic cocktail, visit The Kitchn here.



Blackberry, Lime and Thyme Soda

Perfect for this time of year, this soda has a wonderful berry taste with a kick of lemon and a touch of thyme to add a little something extra. This is also great with gin so this recipe is just right for having a non-alcoholic and alcoholic cocktail without having to mix two different recipes.

To find out how to make this non-alcoholic cocktail, visit Reclaiming Provincial here.


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