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  • The Evolution of Planet Earth II

    In 2006, the Planet Earth Franchise released a series on our breath-taking natural world. It became popular worldwide, gaining approval from every corner of the globe. With the BBC investing more than ever before in a nature documentary, who else other than David Attenborough to fill the spot and take us on this adventure. This 11-part series released on DVD and was filmed in high-definition, giving us an exclusive insight into our lands.


    Fast-forward to 2016 and a decade later, it's time for Planet Earth II. At the beginning of the first episode we join Sir Attenborough himself in a hot-air balloon amongst a snowy and mountainous landscape. We are promised that "much has changed" in the natural world, signalling that this time around Planet Earth II is going to be extraordinary for viewers. And it was.

    With each episode focusing on a separate entity, we were guided through the different, intense environments; Islands, Mountains, Jungles, Deserts, Grasslands and Cities.

    So what made Planet Earth II so intriguing and eventful this time round?

    Firstly, it was nature itself and the sheer intensity of each environment and the chaotic uproar it possessed, yet somewhat humorous antics that shaped the beauty of it all. From young Marine-Iguanas literally running for their lives from Racer Snakes (which became viral) to Flamingos dancing in shallow waters, or glow-in-the-dark creatures deep in the Jungle, each episode became more impressive and each encounter became more mind-blowing.


    Since 2006, there has been an increasing drive amongst young people to dig deeper, find yourself and encourage change. So, every Sunday as you tend to wind down for the week, there’s not a better way to escape it than getting drawn into a world that seems a lifetime away, yet is so near and can offer so much. As the planet changes rapidly within society and the natural world, Planet Earth II highlights the relationship between them and identifies what really matters that all of us could learn from. These are the relationships we form, the places we call home and an appreciation for our own existence and just how distinctive it really is. In a place where we as a society feel the pressure and worry about every little thing, Planet Earth II is a friendly reminder to stay away from toxic things and start living in the real world.

    At the end of each episode we were introduced to some of the brand-new, groundbreaking equipment and techniques that captured these shots, as half the time I’m sure most of us were thinking, ‘how the f*** did you film that?’ - From this point on we gained some understanding to the depths in which the team went to, and some things were left unexplained... however it’s probably better that way. Hats off to the BBC.

    Lastly, the numbers amongst our younger generation (16 to 35) conveyed the proof that we were all curious to learn more about our planet, as more of us tuned in to watch Planet Earth II than X-Factor. As we look to ponder from the uncertainty of our global predicaments and social changes, this valuable series offers us peace and comfort that some of us needed more than ever.

    Don’t forget to check out Benji B’s Planet Earth Playlist to round up the series.

  • Scotland In Pink - Our Top 5 International Kits of All Time

    With Scotland playing in PINK last Friday, it got us thinking. Who else has made an impression in the fashion stakes with a striking jersey.

    Here are our Top 5 of all time.

    ENGLAND 1990 - 3rd Kit

    Image result for england 1990 third shirt

    This pale blue beauty had two outings, one in a European Championship qualifier against Turkey on the 1st of May 1991, this the first time a third kit had been used since 1970, and by Bernard Sumner in the 'World In Motion' music video, England's world cup song by New Order.


    Image result for netherlands 1988 shirt

    Who can forget this kit, and who can forget THAT goal by Marco Van Basten. This is the only Dutch kit to have ever won at a major championships. They lifted the 1988 European Championship looking fresh.

    FRANCE 1984

    Image result for FRANCE 1984 KIT

    An undisputed classic. The three colours of the national flag emblazoned on the chest with a proud Gallic rooster. This was Platini in his pomp. Another great kit lifting the European Championship trophy.

    USA 1994

    Image result for USA 1994 KIT

    A typically patriotic effort from the Americans when they hosted the World Cup in 1994. Alexei Lalas' flowing locks and mighty beard really made the kit though, without him it would have been forgotten.


    Image result for west germany 1990 kit

    It pain me to say, but the last West Germany strip before their unification, is a real beaut. Worn by Klinsmann, Voller, and Matthaus in their 1990 World Cup triumph, it will go down as one of the best ever.

  • Jelle Marten and his Minimalist Vinyl Sleeves

    Say what you want about vinyl, it's always going to be timeless and hold a special places in the hearts of those old enough to remember growing up with it.


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  • "Rabbit Snare Gorge: A Cabin in Nova Scotia

    Omar Gandhi Architect Inc., who worked in collaboration with Design Base 8, designed Rabbit Snare Gorge, a cabin in Nova Scotia, a small, almost freestanding island on the east coast of Canada.


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  • Britain's Best Seaside Hotels

    If you think the only decent summer seaside holidays are the other side of the pond, you're wrong.

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  • O+ Audio - KAYTRANADA - 99.9%

    Last week we saw a lot of new music, including Skepta's long anticipated album Konnichiwa and James Blake's sporadic The Colour in Anything, but nothing blew us away quite like KAYTRANDA's debut studio album 99.9%.


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  • Just Opened - Junkyard Golf

    For three months, The Old Truman Brewery will be taken over by a load of rubbish.. literally... In the form of crazy golf courses, Junkyard Golf Club, already established in Manchester, uses the sort of stuff you'd find at car boot sales, charity shops and junkyards to create a golfing experience like absolutely no other.

    London’s had a brainwave since the capital’s last pop-up golf course: three courses is more fun than one! New for spring, Junkyard Golf – originally from Manchester – has hit London and offers three insane nine-hole courses (each with a different personality…) named Pedro, Frank and Helga.

    Navigate jacuzzis, slides, speed boats, Wendy houses, cows and treadmills in search of the perfect round. Not to mention the mind-altering UV techno section DAFTWERK.


    Junkyard has four bars, serving the best cocktails such as 'The Golf Lundgren', 'Who's Your Caddy' and 'Tee Diddy'. The club also features two soon-to-be legendary street food pop-ups, Barts Dog Kart and Big Grillie Style.


  • LYFE: The New Floating Plant Everyone is Raving About

    Make something levitate and you’ve got an eye-catching conversation starter. Make something float and grow and you’ve got Lyfe, a small planter engineered to float a 12-sided geodesic silicone planter above a wooden base as a “zero-gravity growing system”.


    Similar to the magical Hoshinchu Air Bonsai with an electromagnetic base previously devised by the same Swedish company that introduced the Flyte levitating bulb, Lyfe is designed to allow plants to float and rotate for even sunlight exposure throughout the day. But let’s be honest, all this talk is secondary to the pleasure of enjoying a floating indoor garden gently rotating at your desk, a subtle technological feat of electromagnetism.





  • Product Focus - Shen Hi Patch

    The new Shen Hi Patch is now in stock.


    Designed in London and created in Portugal, the Shen series has been a point of staple for Blood Brother and any quality footwear enthusiast.

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  • 3 Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Recipes

    Whether you're trying to cut down on drinking as an ongoing new year's resolution or if you're just trying it out for a month to detox before festival and holiday season, there's no need to sacrifice the drinks you love.


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