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  • Jelle Marten and his Minimalist Vinyl Sleeves

    Say what you want about vinyl, it's always going to be timeless and hold a special places in the hearts of those old enough to remember growing up with it.


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  • Food - Our Top 3 Local Healthy Restaurants

    London definitely seems to be half way through a health revolution. The kale, green juice and chia seed diet has made it across the Atlantic, with England’s capital lapping up anything Whole Foods has to offer.

    This is no more evident than in the healthy restaurants that are popping up all over the city. No longer few and far between, you don’t have to go far to find a restaurant serving up a variety of superfoods or healthier versions of classic dishes. This doesn’t mean they’re boring either; here are our three favourite healthy restaurants in London that serve up delicious food without the carb-guilt.

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  • New Stockist - 24 Hour EJDER Club

    UK-based online retailer EJDER recently teamed up with 24 Hour Club to launch the 24 Hour EJDER Club concept store, located in London’s Old Street Underground Station at Subway 4. A physical manifestation of what EJDER continues to do so well, the unique permanent storefront emerged from recent pop-up tours in Toronto, London, and other cities around the world.

    If you’re in the area, be sure to stop by to check out Blood Brother's SS16 Collection, "Colony".


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  • O+ Q&A - Kirk Knight

    This week, Blood Brother hosted an in-store meet and greet with Pro Era rapper, producer and creative Kirk Knight.


    We sat down with him to ask him some questions...

    Where did “Knight” come from?

    Basically, it was a song “Curren$y – Michael Knight” that I used to listen to every morning, that was even before I knew who Michael Knight was. I also have a big infatuation with the nighttime and I’m an insomniac. 

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