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  • "Tracksuit Couture" by HighSnobiety

    For their latest in-house Spring/Summer 2016 editorial, Highsnobiety are celebrating the Great British fashion staple that is the tracksuit - an item that has enjoyed a huge resurgence in popularity around the world in recent years, although has always been an important part of urban UK style.

    Shot out on the streets, in the parks and across the housing estates of South London, the looks feature a mix of FW15 and SS16 offerings from Blood Brother plus others.


    For more original fashion photography from Highsnobiety, check out their recent “Reality Called” editorial.

    Words by Highsnobiety.

  • Blood Brother go to Huckle Barbers

    This week, Max followed Alex to get his beard washed and trimmed at Huckle Barbers on Charlotte Road.


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  • O+ Food Spot - Blues Kitchen; Shoreditch

    Following a more than generous introduction from Blues Kitchen manager, fashion enthusiast and chicken wing connoisseur Edd Kiggins, the Blood Brother team went to check out the bar, live venue and smokehouse style restaurant to see if the Buffalo sauce lived up to Edd's declaration... And it did.

    Max sat down with Edd over some chicken wings, Oreo Doughnuts and a Bourbon Espresso Martini, while he gave us the low down on the bar and restaurant.


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  • Medium Rare - "Alpha 25"

    Spa Boyz founder and close friend of Blood Brother, Medium Rare, has released his first live mix of the year entitled Alpha 25.


    The 25 minute mix is considerably trap based, but is peppered with grime and seasoned with some classic garage and hip hop samples.

    The artwork comes from a concept created by Danhprt, to 3D scan the environment in which the mix was recorded. Upon closer inspection you can see it's a living room with a sofa, a DJ set up and a laptop on a table.

    Listen and download below.

  • Blood Brother SS16 in Harvey Nichol's

    Our SS16 collection "Colony" is now available in Harvey Nichols and new styles are coming through weekly.


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  • O+ Q&A - Amanda Wachob

    Amanda Wachob is a conceptual tattoo artist from Brooklyn, New York who specialises in brightly coloured, often abstract tattoos and pieces of art on leather, fruit and humans.


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  • Street Art in Shoreditch

    Street art is one of the most compelling factors of East London, and as it's the home of Blood Brother, we decided to embrace and showcase some of our favourite pieces around this part of the city.

    You can see how the individual pieces go from controversial to personal, when you see one artist's homage to his/her late grandmother. Scroll through below.


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  • O+ Q&A - Jakob Hetzer

    A couple of weeks ago Blood Brother sat down with designer, model, stylist and all-round influencer Jakob Hetzer, whilst he was in town from Germany for our LCM Party at the Ace Hotel.


    Jakob, tell us about yourself.

    Jakob Hetzer, 19 years old.
    I was born in Detroit but now live in Hamburg, Germany.
    I'm a Designer and have my own brand.

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  • "FINGER" by Hetty Douglas & Patrick Dakers

    Yesterday, Blood Brother attended the FINGER exhibition by Hetty Douglas and Patrick Dakers at the 71A Gallery in Shoreditch.


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  • NZCA LINES - Infinite Summer

    Infinite Summer by NZCA LINES is probably the best album you've never heard of.


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