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"FINGER" by Hetty Douglas & Patrick Dakers

Yesterday, Blood Brother attended the FINGER exhibition by Hetty Douglas and Patrick Dakers at the 71A Gallery in Shoreditch.


Douglas makes work that represents her experiences as a woman who both subverts and celebrates the complexities of gender specific relationships and partnerships.


Her work explores a stereotypical use of colour and text to suggest a temporality of superficial relationships and sexuality. The flippant and challenging textual content of this work however, obscure a hidden, deeply personal response to past and present relationships.

Influenced and inspired by Trudy Benson, Ida Ekblad and Jean-Michel Basquiat, Douglas seeks to explore the complexities of gender boundaries, trust and the multi-layering of an unspoken intimacy steered by the masculine/feminine truths that inform her life and work.


Patrick Dakers' studies of form, shape, colour and abstraction stem from an interest in printmaking, sculpture and repeated motifs.


His painted work features overarching interests in androgyny and Pankration, the Grecian sport of wrestling. Here the traditional masculine embrace, frequently found in Greek and Roman sculptural works, is subverted, and a more feminine perspective is explored. Neo-classical compositions, composed historically in marble and bronze, are reworked via a post-modern interpretation of sexuality, desire and masculinity.


The objective of Douglas and Dakers' collaborative work seeks to challenge and question the contemporary aesthetic of sexuality, desire and relationship.

The exhibition is running at the 71A Gallery on Leonard Street in Shoreditch until Jan 31.

You can check out more work from Hetty and Patrick below.
Hetty Douglas
Patrick Dakers

Special thanks to Cora Delaney and ASOS.

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